A revolutionary approach to physiotherapy

Human Tecar is a widespread treatment that was developed by a team of healthcare professionals.

Our body has a range of tissues and features which help it heal in a relatively natural manner. However, this tissue sometimes needs prompting in order to work.

This is where the Human Tecar comes in. It is a treatment that involves transferring capacitive and resistive energy. This stimulates your physical tissues in a way that induces the natural recovery process of your body.

Working on a multi-dimensional level

Human Tecar is a way of nudging your cells into repair in the case of injury. It is a medicine-free approach to physical recovery. Tecar is known around the world for its biostimulant effects. It prompts your body’s tissues to polarise cellular membranes. This means that it facilitates the flow of electrolytes in your system and helps your body to rebalance and reactivate your metabolic processes.

Anti-Inflammatory properties

With the help of Human Tecar, you can rest assured that your tissues will be urged to generate anti-inflammatory metabolites in a selected area. This means that the natural thermal state of your body’s tissues will be activated in a way that they are presented with controlled vasodilation.


Enhance tissue strength in a revolutionary manner

With Human Tecar, your neuromuscular system will be presented with tissue tropism, muscle tone and enhanced strength. Just a few minutes of using this advanced treatment, and you will be able to reduce physical pain in a non-invasive manner.

Boosting your body’s functions

Anti-inflammatory aspects alongside drastic analgesic

Tissue draining on another level

Stimulation of the peripheral circulatory system

Restorative results for muscle tissue

Quick & speedy physical recovery

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