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Personal training

We at Holistika Physiotherapy Centre present our clients with a range of bespoke personal training solutions. These are ideal for anyone who needs to recover from injuries, build strength or losing weight.

Our aim is that of helping you get back on track when it comes to body composition, core strength and optimal physical performance. We do not just focus on training, our objective is to help you adjust your nutritional habits in a way that will provide you with a rock-solid foundation.

We stand by our coaching prescriptions, all of which are built for the specific needs of any individual who visits us. We can help you get a tailor-created meal plan, and personalised exercise plan. Our aim is to help you educate yourself in terms of food, exercise and results.

When it comes to personal training, we believe that nutrition also needs to be tackled. This will offer you with better results that are achieved in a healthy manner. Our mission is that of presenting you with a bespoke coaching, education and training solution created to fit your lifestyle and needs perfectly.

One-on-one sessions

We offer our clients one-on-one sessions for our clients. Each session is designed to cater for the particular individual’s needs, and not the other way round. With our guidance, support and coaching, you will be able to reach your goals.

There are many different physique types, a range of objectives, millions of schedules and a collection of different dietary restrictions. This means that every physical frame has a different definition of “being fit”. For some it might mean being healthy, while for others it might entail being toned.

We at Holistika will help you identify and understand what needs to be done in order for you to reach your goals in a healthy manner.

Clinical treatment

Clinical Personal Training is an amalgamation of physiotherapy, clinical assessment and tailor-created personal training. This means that it presents you with a unique approach in terms of physical transformation.

Some might need personal training in order to get back on the field in terms of athletics, while others might feel the need to fix posture, assess dysfunctional movement or even heal from injury defitis. The treatments that we offer are created to treat anything from sports related injuries to chronic pain.

Our sessions are created to identify your issue and create a bespoke treatment and exercise program for you. Our aim is that of improving posture, strength, flexibility and weight loss. This solution can also be used for cardiovascular fitness and core strength improvement.

Physical recovery


Our initial appointment will involve discussing your physical history. This includes injuries, nutritional habits, goals and lifestyle.


Through this, we can help identify any dysfunctions in physical movements and even identify any predisposition to injuries or chronic pain.


This step is designed to help you determine and direct your assessment in a beneficial manner. We will provide you with ample treatment options


After presenting you with a tailor-made program, we will be offering you targets which you will be assigned to reach. Plans may involve physical training and nutritional changes.

Benefits of Personal Training

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